Waste management is a big issue for every developer. For us, it includes recycling of hundreds of tonnes of concrete, used carpet and UPVC windows and doors. Our build and refurbishment programmes aim to reduce the impact of waste at every opportunity. To keep us focused, we’ve even set a recycling target of 95% of our total development waste, and work closely with a national waste partner. We also regularly monitor activities on site to ensure we’re on track to meet our targets.


Refurbishing former military homes often means that some of the older buildings aren’t the most energy efficient. We evaluate every property before any work is carried out, including thermal imaging. This way we can understand where improvements are needed, often going above and beyond those required by Building Regulations.


We’re acutely aware of the need to use scarce resources efficiently. That’s why using sustainable materials is a key consideration at the planning of a project. Since 2018 we’ve worked with a national partner to help us identify the most appropriate products for our developments.

green space

Before we begin any refurbishment project we look at the ecological and biodiversity considerations. Indeed, a hallmark of an Annington development is the retention and often the regeneration of neglected green space associated with the site. We’re so excited to be in the early stages of working with an external consultant to help us with our Biodiversity Net Gain strategy.

Bordon, Hampshire where as well as having new boilers, the properties have been insulated to a high standard, complete with an external thermal render to promote energy efficiency. There are also EV charging points throughout the site.

17 detached four and five bedroom homes nestled in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.


We strongly support the UK’s goal to be Net Zero by 2050.  To do our part we are working to understand our overall carbon-footprint. First by looking at which emissions and activities are within our operational and organisational emission boundaries.  Then we will calculate our carbon footprint and look at our emission hotspots. From here we will work out where we can improve and whether we can set meaningful targets for Annington.


This year we are aiming for a BREEAM 'Very Good' accreditation to measure the environmental performance of 53 refurbished former military homes at Windsor.  We are installing Photo Voltaic panels and high heat retention storage heaters to improve the EPC rating to C at our refurbishment of 70 properties at Swanton Morely.  Our tenants can also request installation of Electric Vehicle charging points at their rental property

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