Annington’s portfolio is unique in the privately rented sector. While our homes range in style and size from one bedroom apartments through to eight-bedroom houses, the majority of our properties are detached, semi-detached and terraced family homes with gardens.

Our portfolio is split into the Married Quarters Estate (MQE) Portfolio, which provides homes to military families and the Non-MQE Portfolio of homes rented on the open market. Our expertise, track record and financial strength provide a solid base to support our core goals.

mqe portfolio

We specialise in family homes for the UK’s most critical workers, notably the military. More than 94% of our portfolio is leased to the Ministry Of Defence (MoD) on a 200 year contract which has 175 years left to run.

The MoD can give back properties that it no-longer needs, which we refurbish, refresh and return to the national housing stock.

Since we started, we have helped over 17,000 people purchase their own home, many of whom were first time buyers, service personnel and key workers. 


Annington has more than 20 years’ experience as a private landlord and has let 1,000s of homes to private individuals, or on bulk tenancies to the MoD or local authorities.

Our rental portfolio of more than 2,500 properties helps us to get the best value from houses released from the MQE portfolio and gives us a view on values in the housing and rental markets.

MQE Property Non-MQE Property


All figures taken from 2021-22 accounts.


homes owned by Annington

Almost 500

Sites across England & Wales

£551.7 million

Profit after tax


experience selling and renting homes

Portfolio Case Study

Our properties range from two bedroom flats to eight bedroom houses, from Cumbria to Cornwall and South Wales to Suffolk. Releases can range from one single unit to over 100.

Before sale, most properties undergo significant refurbishment to improve the general environment and street scene. A small number are used in redevelopment schemes where Annington can realise significant added value by gaining planning permission, after which it may sell the land, redevelop the site or enter into a partnership with a third party.