With a portfolio of almost 40,000 residential properties, we are a company with serious scale. 


Benefitting from highly predictable Government-backed rental income for the 94% of our homes rented to the MoD, and with 175 years remaining on the lease, we are resilient.


On-going lack of supply in the residential market, coupled with our good quality portfolio of affordable homes with an attractive Greater South bias means that we are highly profitable.


Our experienced management team and prudent financial policies give a stable underpinning to our business, as shown by our investment grade credit rating.


For us, acting responsibly and being successful commercially go hand in hand. We know that to be a sustainable business, how we do business is as important as what we deliver.

Annington's refurbishment of properties at Henlow in Bedfordshire

Our Strategy

We aim to be a constructive partner to our major stakeholder the MoD and to deliver good quality housing to the national housing stock when they return properties to us.

Our Market

Strong market fundamentals, driven by long-term undersupply, mean that there is strong demand for our properties.  Our homes are often bigger, with more green space than new builds and usually have good transport links and access to shops and schools.