The typical annual household energy bill rose in January 2024 to a high of £1,928. However, for those on a standard energy tariff, innovative heating systems can help to bring energy costs back down.

Annington is helping to tackle rising energy costs by undertaking a substantial retrofit project on five former Officer’s houses on Marlborough Close in Devizes.

The wider retrofit has brought these substantially sized homes up to an EPC A rating, and each property includes a new heating system powered by an air source heat pump, roof mounted solar panels and an innovative AI-powered Mixergy hot water cylinder.

The air source heat pump will provide heating more efficiently than a traditional heating system, and the Mixergy cylinder provides hot water, with both utilising the free, clean energy harnessed by the solar panels to power them. By monitoring how much energy the house uses compared to how much is produced by the solar panels, the Mixergy tank can divert any excess energy to the immersion heater instead of sending it back to the grid. In addition to these installations, the infrastructure has already been completed for any future owner to install a battery to allow for more on-site energy recycling if wanted.

The Mixergy tank’s AI-powered system will track how much energy is used in the home and when, so that it can anticipate demand and supply heating and hot water exactly when it is needed. The tank monitors energy prices 24 hours a day, and when excess energy beyond what is provided by the solar panels is required, it will purchase energy at a cheaper rate (usually overnight) to heat up the hot water cylinder in preparation for heating the property.

Jane Harsham, Sustainability Manager at Annington, comments: “The wider retrofit at Devizes has delivered homes refurbished to an EPC A rating, the highest energy performance possible, and one which many new builds fail to achieve. Incorporating smart energy designed to optimise the heating process, greatly improved internal and external insulation and a host of other energy efficiency improvements means that for purchasers, energy consumption is more efficient and has the potential to deliver overall lower utility bills, greater occupier comfort and a more sustainable lifestyle.”

The exclusive gated development of just five, four-bedroom homes at Marlborough Close is set to launch in March, with prices starting from £565,000. To find out more and register your interest please visit www.marlboroughclose.co.uk